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About the Founder: Who is Bob Manor?

Born, raised, and now based in the Windsor/Detroit area, aka "the Center of the automotive universe," Bob Manor is now 30 years into his automotive career. Starting out as a 20 year old rookie taking ups on the floor of a Jeep dealership in 1990, Bob is now a leading expert in the automotive import / export industry. Learn more about Bob at his website:


Who is Premier Dealer Services?

Since 1998, Premier Dealer Services has been providing quality products and services that promote and benefit automotive, RV, PowerSport and Marine dealerships, independent agents and their customers.

PDS offers a full spectrum of dealer assistance and incentives and their expansive product portfolio is specifically designed to help dealers sell more vehicles.

PDS is based in Dublin Ohio with administration offices in San Diego, CA


Is this a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) or a Limited Warranty?

This is a Limited Warranty that goes with the VIN. The end user does not have to activate coverage like a VSC. The Can-Am warranty is active the moment it is paid for, regardless of ownership. There are no transfer fees or activations required


Is this a manufacturer warranty?

No. Many manufacturer limited warranties are completely void when the vehicle is exported from the original intended market. This Limited Warranty from Can-Am Dealer Services is designed to mimic or replace a voided OEM warranty. See sample warranty for coverage details.


What is the process for filing a claim?

To open a claim, have the service department call us at (833) 980-0105 before any work is performed. Once the repair is authorized, the service department can complete the work and will be paid by credit card immediately


What vehicles are eligible?

Vehicle brands that are eligible for the Can-Am Limited Warranty are:

Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, SRT, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Acura


What is the extent and terms of the coverage?

All eligible brands are covered with a 3 yr/36,000 mile basic and 5 yr/60,000 mile powertrain warranty (beginning at the original in-service date) that mirrors OEM coverage. The term may differ from OEM warranties. See our sample warranty for coverage details.


How do I know the original in-service date?

The Can-Am Limited warranty begins at the date the vehicle was originally registered to the first owner. This date can be easily found on vehicle history reports (VHRs) like  Carfax or AutoChek.


Are there any upcharges?

If a unit has less than 6,000 miles or 10,000 kilometers, there is a $200 surcharge bringing the total to $795. Everything else, across all eligible manufacturers and their model lineups, is only $595


Are there any transfer costs?

No. The warranty is attached to the VIN regardless of ownership


Can I cancel the Limited Warranty and get a refund?

No. Once the Warranty Certificate is printed, the warranty is active and cannot be cancelled


Is rental coverage included in the Limited Warranty?



Are there any deductibles for authorized service?

No. We pay the shop by credit card for authorized repairs upon completion.


Do you offer other products?

We offer a complete suite of F&I products. Click here or call 1-877-55CANAM to connect with an agent.


Are there any limitations?


-The price of the warranty MUST be included in sale price (meaning it cannot be sold to end user)

-The Can-Am Limited warranty is not valid in the states of New York, California, or Washington


Is the price in USD or CAD?



Do you offer any promotions?

Yes. We always have promotions with consigner partners. You can be notified by email of these promotions by joining our email list. You can also click the Promotions tab in the top menu to see all current promotions.


Do you offer any volume discounts?

No. The price is already as low as possible


Can we pay monthly by ACH

Yes. If you become a proven volume dealer partner we can shift to ACH. Minimum volumes required.


Can you help us find inventory?

Yes. If you are interested in expanding your access to previous Canadian inventory, click here to fill in your info and get access to our network.



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