What Is the Difference Between a Limited Warranty and a VSC?

Brand-new cars and limited warranties almost always go together. Whenever someone purchases a brand-new automobile, it always comes with a limited warranty. If you buy a pre-owned vehicle, the limited warranty will be transferred to you,…

What do all the digits on your VIN mean?

Just 70 years ago, every time someone buys a car from a manufacturer, they'll always ask, "what do the digits in a VIN mean?" This is because, back then, different manufacturers used different formats for vehicle identification numbers (VIN). It was messy!

What Voids a Car warranty… and How to Avoid These Problems.

A car warranty can make you feel safe… Knowing that if something damages your car, it won’t hurt your budget too. But did you know that simply forgetting to have your oil changed may actually void your car warranty?

That’s right, and unfortunately, that’s not all.

Plenty of seemingly “harmless” conditions can unknowingly…